Theta Network Soars to $1.02 with EdgeStore and Enterprise Validators

• Streaming services have become important in the modern society, and Theta Network is developing tech for the Web 3 space.
• The native token THETA has seen a 15% increase in the bi-weekly timeframe, and the network has released EdgeStore, a decentralized storage solution.
• BitStarz, Trusted Media Brand and other industry giants have joined Theta’s Enterprise Validator Nodes, driving the token price to $1.02.

Streaming services have become an integral part of our lives in the modern society. To meet the ever-growing demand for such services, Theta Network is developing cutting-edge technology for the Web 3 space. The Theta Network has seen an impressive surge in its native token THETA in the bi-weekly timeframe, with the token itself showing a positive 15% increase. The network has also been further developing its infrastructure by releasing EdgeStore, a decentralized storage solution.

EdgeStore is a decentralized storage solution that enables the Web3 to store content with the help of Theta Edge Nodes. The Edge Nodes are also equipped with the ability to encode and transcode content, thus making it easier for users to access the content. Such developments have attracted the attention of various industry giants, such as BitStarz, Trusted Media Brand, and others, who have now joined Theta’s Enterprise Validator Nodes.

The influx of enterprise validator nodes has had a positive effect on the network and its native token THETA, driving its price to $1.02. This marks a significant milestone for the token, and it is expected to continue to grow in the future. Such developments are sure to further accelerate the adoption of Web3 for entertainment services.