Secure Your Digital Assets with Webacy: $4M Seed Round Closes

• ChainwireWebacy has successfully closed a $4M seed round to support its goal of making web3 safer.
• The round was led by gmjp, and included notable investors such as Gary Vaynerchuk and AJ Vaynerchuk, Mozilla Ventures, Soma Capital, and more.
• Webacy is building comprehensive products to help people protect their self-custodied digital assets.

ChainwireWebacy Raises $4M Seed Round

ChainwireWebacy has announced the successful closure of a $4M seed round to support its goal of making web3 safer. gmjp led the round which also included Gary Vaynerchuk and AJ Vaynerchuk, Mozilla Ventures, Soma Capital, DG Daiwa Ventures, Quantstamp, CEAS Investments, Dreamers, and Miraise. This is Webacy’s second round of financing following a pre-seed raise in late 2021. Notable previous investors include Pareto Holdings, Quiet Capital, LOI Venture, MetaverseHQ, and Origin Protocol. Louis Kang from gmjp commented on the investment saying they are excited to back founders building important companies that solve important problems in the world today in web3.

AJ Vaynerchuk’s Involvement

AJ Vaynerchuk from VaynerFund also shared his thoughts on why this investment was made: „We’ve seen a huge need for safety products amongst our communities at VaynerSports Pass and Veefriends. Our brand clients see the need to engage their customers while maintaining responsible and safe habits.“ He continued to say no one wants to make wrong moves that might get them hacked – which is what Webacy aims to mitigate by providing solutions like Wallet Watch (real-time wallet monitoring), Backup Wallet (for loss of access or keys), Panic Button (bulk send assets to safe house wallet), Crypto Will (ensure assets are with beneficiaries).

Smart Contract Technology

Maika Isogawa CEO & Founder of Webacy commented on how they use smart contract technology: „Webacy helps create intelligent tools using smart contracts the way they were meant to be used,“ said Maika Isogawa. With mass movement of assets off centralized environments into self-managed wallets protection is even more important than ever before! Smart contracts enable triggers that transfer assets safely into backup wallets or beneficiaries if needed.

Raising Total Financing To Over $5M

The two rounds bring Webacy’s total financing to over $5M including investments from Pareto Holdings Quiet Capital LOI Venture MetaverseHQ and Origin Protocol . These funds will be used furthering Webacys mission bringing enhanced digital safety to masses through their suite of products..


With this new funding round for ChainwireWebcy users can now rest assured knowing their digital assets are protected with intelligent tools built using smart contract technology! By creating an environment that allows everyone transact securely with digital asset ownership we have taken another step towards being safe online in web3!